Thursday, March 18, 2010

On media reaction to the Brad K/Carl E incident at Atlanta

One of the long-lasting memories of the Brad Keselowski/Carl Edwards fandango at Atlanta, in addition to Brad's car flying through the air, will be the media's coverage of the incident.

The accident itself was sensational, and the coverage of the wreck was no less sensational. Highlights were shown on national newscasts and carried on websites that normally cover political intrigue not the ins-and-outs of NASCAR drivers and their raging tempers.

I've tried to read as many of the opinion pieces as possible, many from respected journalists and some from unknown bloggers.

Almost all of them have the same content. Although he didn't deserve to end up upside down, Brad did deserve to be wrecked because of his rough nature on the racetrack and the fact that he's pissed off virtually the entire garage area.

Okay, it's one thing to make that statement when you have facts to back it up. But not one single writer has gone into detail to list the drivers Brad has intentionally crashed over the past two years. Not one writer has gone into detail to list any drivers that are mad at Brad for anything that's gone on over the course of the past two years. But trust them, the entire garage area was cheering as the 12 car sailed through the air into turn one at Atlanta.

I want to know: who feels they've been raced unfairly by Brad Keselowski? Denny Hamlin and Carl Edwards might have cause to think so, but if they look at their previous incidents with Keselowski objectively they'd see they are as much at fault (if not more so) than Keselowski.

Too often the writers in the media center parrot what each other are saying. If someone on the other side of the room is saying the entire garage area is upset at Brad Keselowski, it's okay for me to use it in my story - regardless of whether or not there has been any fact checking done to verify that even one driver is upset with Brad.

Hamlin's feud with Keselowski is well documented. Brad hasn't done anything to Hamlin, with the exception of dumping him at Phoenix last November. All he has done is not cut him any slack on the track. That has forced Hamlin into driving over his head and making mistakes, and has resulted in wrecked racecars. Keselowski's past with Edwards is well known too: Carl tried to block Brad at Talladega on the last lap and went for a wild ride as a result. Of course, Brad admits to rough-housing at Memphis last year, where Carl was taken out of a chance for the win, and then they had their run in on lap 40 at Atlanta.

So where are all of the references to other incidents with other drivers? Where did Brad rough up Juan Montoya, who used the Atlanta accident to speak out on the number of drivers waiting to offer up their paybacks to Brad for previous run-ins on the track?

I am not from Missouri, but let's pretend I am for the sake of this argument. I challenge the writers who've written about the supposed long line of drivers waiting to exact their revenge on Brad Keselowski to "show me" the names and offer up details of the incidents.


  1. Finely a writer tells it like it is.Brad drives like a few drivers from the part.My guy Dale sr
    used to say if you want the lead you will have to take it as I will not give it to you.Brad does not move for any body Like he says I am hear to win.Why should he change his line for some one else ? The other drivers will have to find a way around him.I don not think they move either.

  2. Excellent article! Couldn't agree more with the various writers "parroting" as opposed to putting forth an actual quote from a specific driver with a verified on track incident for all to see.

  3. Good article, I am not sure what replays most were watching but it wasn't the Atlanta race when they comment that Brad caused the accident. A few writers posted about the white mark below the right headlight decal as proof that Brad ran into Carl and not that Carl cut down on Brand and did not have enough room. The last time I looked the COT does not have a front end that is straight or flat like a BUS. Unless my eyes are seriously deceiving me the front of COT is curved so when Carl hit Brad at the headlight area there was still part of Brad's car that Carl did not have cleared.Brad did not alter his line, Carl did. It was good hardnosed racing not cheap shot racing like Hamlin did Brad at Charlotte in the nationwise race by crunching Brads fender. I still think Harvick has the correct outlook when it comes to Carl.

  4. As long as Denny Hamlin and Carl Edward insist on using Brad's front bumper as a launching pad, they are going to spon or wreck themselves. Blaming Brad for their mistake is ridiculous. Since both of them have caused more than their share of wrecks for other drivers, it really is a case of the pot calling the Kez black.

  5. Thank you..I have asked that question several times in responses to other columns...and haven't seen any answers. It may not be just the reporters taking the so called "Brad wrecks the entire field" and running with very well could be the drivers taking the same so called "gossip"..and running with it...I watch all the series races and really hadn't noticed Brad being a a bulldozer..but that is the garage chatter. There are alot of drivers when asked pretty much say "I don't have a dog in this fight"..and no I just don't get it. BUT...I predict the Brad/Carl feud is a thing of the looks like it's going to be a Edwards/Harvick feud...they have no love lost between them..and they have both been giving each other alot of "lip service" since they hit Bristol. This could be interesting. Carl knowing he's on double secret probation and Scott's is none too happy..could find himself with a problem..i.e. that pesky little Happy Harvick nipping at his heels at 110 mph at Bristol. This could be fun!!! Kevin seems like he would like nothing more then to rattle Edwards cage...

  6. Once again, Charlie has nailed it 100 %.

    In my opinion, Brad is the most exciting new driver that has moved up to NASCAR in years.

    All he has been guilty of is hard racing. Apparently, to the Cup drivers racing in Nationwide, if you are a Nationwide series regular, you should just know your place and pull over everytime a Cup series driver gets near your car. In their eyes, a lowly Nationwide regular must treat them like the royalty they think they are.

  7. Well genius, why don't YOU tell us? You got a logon to the nascar media site, right? Do some research and get back to us. Don't wait for traditional media to do the work for you so you can parrot it on your blog. You've got a platform to do some real journalism here, so get crackin'.

  8. Thank You.

    I will start by saying I am a race fan. I really don't care who wins as long as the racing is fair and good. I don't care who wins because I have seen enough races to know that whoever is "hot" today, may never win again.

    That said, Brad is good. He comes from a family that has a long history of struggling in racing with limited success. I respect all they have done for the sport in the past 40 years.

    That in mind, when he entered the Busch/Nationwide Series I was not surprised by his success. Nor was Dale, Jr. as he saw the potential and snatched him up, giving him a ride. I do think that Carl and Denny were a little jealous that this "rookie" was running with them. Ya know since they were big time NASCAR drivers.

    Every incident started by the other driver turning into Brad's line.

    Why the media ignores this is beyond me.
    All you have to do is look at the line on the inside of the track. The other driver moves toward the line into Brad's lane.

    Hamlin at Dover-look at the line

    The FIRST Memphis contact in turn one. I could even see smoke coming off of Brad's RF Tire as he tried to avoid Carl turning toward him-why the media ignored this is very odd.

    'Dega - it was the last lap and Carl drove like he was drunk

    Then last week --look at the line -- Brad moved down until he actually touched the line. Carl continued to move into Brad's lane.

    I am referring to the first instance in each race.
    They video's are all available on YOUTUBE.

    The final incident at Atlanta has me very concerned.
    Carl chased Brad for several laps until he finally hit him. It was obvious that Carl was out of his mind and only had one goal, Crash Brad.
    Why NASCAR ignored this is Odd also.
    Bottom Line is that NASCAR has made it clear to me. If you get wrecked early in the race it is acceptable to repair your car and return to the race. At that point, even if you are 150 laps down, you can back out with nothing but revenge on your mind. There will be no repercussions.

    If I were a car owner, I would keep this in mind as the Chase gets closer and I am in a tight points battle.

    Thanks again Charlie for reporting the truth.